There are many ways in which you can get involved here at Furniturelink, and help us support our local community and stop fantastic reusable items from going into landfill. 

By Volunteering

We’re constantly looking for volunteers here in our warehouse and we can use volunteers in all areas from reception, to furniture restoring we’re sure to find you something to do! To find out more about our current volunteering opportunities and to register your interest with us please click the button below!

Donating & Fundraising

We now have several donation funds on-going but our main aim for collecting donations is to enable us to be able to offer fully funded furniture to those in need (various checks will be undertaken to ensure those offered fully funded furniture really do need it, and without it wouldn’t be able to furnish their homes) without them having to apply through a third party organisation. So your donations will be greatly received and will really make a difference to those struggling in our local community.

Remember you we don’t just accept money donations, we also accept reusable furniture donations too!

No one in Surrey and surrounding areas, should struggle to furnish their own homes - so donate and support us so we can ensure this doesn't happen.

You can either donate using the button below, or you can create your own fundraiser and raise money for us via Facebook – simply log in to facebook and click on fudraisers on the left hand side, then click raise money, charity and then search for Furniturelink in the search bar!

Purchase a Lottery Ticket

We are also now a member of the Guildford Community Lottery, meaning you can purchase a ticket and not only will 50p of your ticket price (tickets cost £1) be going towards helping us but you’ll also be in with the chance of winning cash, and some fantastic prizes too! Remember, you’ve got to be in it to win it!

Selling on eBay

Yes, you read that correctly! Furniturelink is now a registered charity with eBay meaning that you don’t even have to bring your furniture in to us for us to benefit, you can just sell it using your own eBay and when listing click ‘Donate a percentage to charity’ at the end of your listing and search for us in the drop down menu ”Furniturelink Guildford’ you can donate anything from 10% to 100%.

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