We started out our journey as part of GAF – Guildford Action For Families, however we separated and became an independent social enterprise back in 2010.

We try our hardest here at Furniturelink to support ourselves as much a possible by making our project open to all, every penny we make from the sales of donated furniture and from income generated by the services that we provide goes towards running costs – however, we hope that in the near future we can raise enough money through your kind donations to our Furntiurelink Fund to enable us to give those in desperate need fully funded (free) furniture where possible.

However the amount we raise doesn’t always cover the additional things we need, hence our individual funding pages. In the past we have previously applied for funding for:

  • Moving Costs
  • Software
  • Van

We like to refer to ourselves as a community furniture project – residents of Guildford and surrounding areas kindly donate their unwanted furniture to us, and we then divert it from landfill which in turn allows another resident to reuse it – Perfect!

We sell furniture, appliances and paint in addition to providing other services such as collections, deliveries, house clearances and small house moves.

Over the years we have also identified a gap in the market and are increasing our van services to collection of bulky waste, and offering a reduced rate to those claiming benefits – this includes pensions and child tax credits – so far this has proved extremely successful. 

In the past eight years we have had three homes –

  • Woodlands Road 2010 – 2014
  • Cathedral Hill Industrial Estate 2014-2016
  • Merrow Business Park 2016 – present (we are currently enjoying a five-year lease here!)

Here at Furniturelink we have also grown in terms of staff employment and currently employ 6 members of staff – 4 full-time and 2 part-time. 

4 of our staff members originally came to us as volunteers!

As a charity we do not discriminate and employ or accept volunteers from all areas of life, many of whom come to us with limited skill sets. Below are a few examples of people we have previously employed:

  • Ex offenders
  • Long term unemployed
  • A volunteer with low confidence, and social skills 
  • People who have come to us on placement schemes

Provide affordable furniture and services to those in need in the local community.

Work with third sector organisations to alleviate deprivations through the provisions of furniture, white goods, electrical and other household effects to low income households.

Promote the community benefits of landfill diversion.

In the conjunction with commercial partners, local government and private households to provide a collection and delivery service in Guildford and the surrounding areas to divert household goods and furnishings from landfill.

Contract with the recycling organisations to reclaim and re-use recoverable materials from de-manufacture process of donated items.

Establish processing, collation and storage facilities for the recycling of recoverable materials.

Refurbishment, repair and reclamation of household effects to extend their usable life and further the avoidance of landfill.

Skill Training:
To provide a secure and safe working environment for those seeking to re-enter the job market and or undertake community service through the mechanism of;

 – Work Trials
– Work Placements
– Work Experience
– Volunteer Programmes
– Training Programmes

To offer the opportunity to those seconded to the project the experience of a diverse range of business activities in order to aid their personal development and assist their rehabilitation into society.

In the past we have worked closely with Coldingley Prison (2015/16) – they sent prisoners on the resettlement program to volunteer for us 5 days a week. 

We have a fantastic relationship with probation and ex-offenders and they are a valuable source of help to us and frankly we could not operate without them.


To operate as a charitable not for profit organisation with prudent reserves and long term self-sufficiency.

To fundraise to meet the above objectives.

To charge revenues for the provision of goods and services.