We know that not everyone can get to our warehouse, due to transport or a variety of other issues so we now sell on eBay. Please note, that our eBay items are classed as non-essential, such as furniture that has been donated from high-end retailers therefore these items are usually priced higher than those found within our warehouse and are excluded from our 50% benefit discount. 

We do however, offer loads of fantastic and affordable prices online too, but, we essentially use eBay to sell higher-priced items so that we can afford to run and offer a great service to our local community. We always consider sensible offers, and if you don't find what you need online, please feel free to browse our Facebook page for our Wednesday Walk Around videos, which is where we upload a video of everything currently in our warehouse to help save you a journey.
, or you can always call us and see if we have what you're looking for too. Remember though, that our stock changes daily, so if we don't have it now, we probably will do soon.