Wendy Watson - Project Director

About Wendy: Wendy started out her career as a florist and owned her own business at the young age of 27. Wendy first joined the charity sector back in 2009 as a Shop Manager for the Woking Furniture Project. Fast forward to 2014 and Wendy began her position with Furniturelink after they approached her and offered her the position of Operations Manager.Whilst in this position she worked extremely hard to make positive changes within the charity and by 2016, she had secured her current position of Project Director.
Working at Furniturelink: I absolutely love my job, and I am extremely passionate about Furniturelink. We have an incredible team here and I have a fabulous board of supportive trustees. Furniturelink helps so many families, within our local community and I am incredibly proud to be part of such an amazing project.
Interesting Fact: Working for furniture projects has changed my life in many ways; I met my husband in a furniture project proving you never know what you will find in one!
Spare Time: I don't get much spare time, I am usually always occupied trying to improve and grow Furniturelink but when I do get some time I love shopping, seeing friends and I also still love to do floristry.

Kenny Watson - Warehouse Manager

About Kenny: Kenny is helpful and his can do attitude is what helps keeps Furniturelink running smoothly. Kenny is responsible for organising our volunteers and keeping the warehouse looking clean and tidy! Kenny will be the one helping you choose your furniture and many have said that 'He can sell ice to Eskimos!'. Kenny has a great natural talent for putting all our new volunteers at ease and is a continued favourite with many of our regular customers. He too started out as a volunteer as the Woking community furniture project before being approached by Furniturelink in 2013 to help run the shop and warehouse.
Working at Furniturelink: I enjoy working at Furniturelink because everyday is different, there is always a new challenge and you get to meet a wide array of people. I also love the fact that what I am doing is benefitting others within the local community too.
Interesting Fact: I can play the Guitar, I have written a book and I was once an extra in a film!
Spare Time: In my spare time I usually go fishing, or spend time with family.


Amber Newton - Digital Marketing & Online Sales Coordinator

About Amber: Amber is a new member of the Furniturelink team. She has a passion for digital marketing and all things social media and hopes to be an asset to the FurnitureLink team.
Working at Furniturelink: I am really looking forward to settling into my position at FurnitureLink, this position allows me an opportunity to develop my skills whilst doing what I love. I love making a difference so to work for a wonderful charity, making a positive impact on people's lives and helping to reduce landfill waste is a bonus!
Interesting Fact: I love to sing and am self-taught on guitar!
Spare Time: In my spare time I love to spend quality time with my partner, friends and family. I also have my own small business making handmade gifts and am currently studying with The Open University to gain a degree in Business and Management - I like to keep busy!

Oliver Kirkpatrick - Receptionist/Administrator

About Oliver: Oliver is our newest team member and again initially started out with Furniturelink as a volunteer before becoming a paid member of staff. Oli has transformed our reception with his personal touches and has already became a valued member of the Furniturelink team. He will be the person you speak to when you call us, or pop into the warehouse. He is already a favourite with many of our regular customers. Oli gets on with everyone and always has a smile on his face, his positive attitude is infectious throughout the team and he is a true asset for Furniturelink.
Working at Furniturelink: I enjoy the positive work Furniturelink does in the local community and the sense of making a real difference to people's lives.
Interesting Fact: Fully qualified dispensing optician and SMC technician
Spare Time: Motoring and motorsport enthusiast


Tony McNamara - Driver

About Tony: Tony is a dedicated member of the Furniturelink team and is passionate about getting our furniture to the families who need it. Tony too cycles back and forth to work come rain or shine and he first started his career with us back in 2014.
Working at Furniturelink: I enjoy working at Furniturelink because everyday is a new challenge, and because I get to meet new people and help new people everyday.
Interesting Fact: I love Rock music
Spare Time: In my spare time I am a keen Gardener

Eddie Ballam - Warehouse Assistant/Drivers Mate

About Eddie: Eddie started here at Furniturelink on the 30th June 2011 as a volunteer and cycled here every day through all weathers from his home in Bramley. Fast forward to the 1st June 2013 where Eddie then joined our paid staff and now works for us two days a week and volunteers for the other three. Eddie is fantastic at getting our furniture put together and has the memory of an elephant; we can rely on Eddie to remind us all of all-important-dates!
Working at Furniturelink: I like working at Furniturelink because I get a sense of being part of a team
Interesting Fact: I cycle to work everyday in Merrow from my home in Bramley
Spare Time: I am a model train enthusiast

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